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"João Sobral is not a prolific comic artist, and he doesn’t tell stories. When he goes for a good panel-and-speech-bubble adventure, he’s thinking out loud, so the format of the zine gets larger. Like in "Money Worries #1", there’s a little study in ethics: am I doing enough? How is the magnitude of my will manifested in the material world?

"The display looks like those inert gods laying in Egyptian sequential bands. The protagonist is closed in a bed of lines, looking outside the frame, his business indifferent to representation. However, the lay dude stretching inside the panel is not a god, just thinking about the concept of god as a crutch to think about the Big All. As he squirms through the pages, he turns to all compass directions which, as we know, are metaphorically charged in different ways. Eventually, the flatness of the drawing reveals the contraption: try as you might, there is no turning it inside out. When you get to the back cover, you are already outside the cosmos."

— blurb by João Machado

  • 16 pages
  • undersized A4
  • black inkjet printing
  • saddle stitch
  • lavender 80gsm paper
  • round corners
  • 1st printing of 100 numbered copies
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