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GOOD FOR HEALTH Backprint Sweatshirt by Jack Teagle


We've worked with Jack for ages now- he's created some of our bestselling tees. You probably know which one. We love his take on sci-fi classics so it would be stupid not to do some more.

This time he's tackling a giant of the anime world, AKIRA.  Released in 1988, this classic by Katsuhiro Otomo is a whirl of big cities and neon bike gangs. Oh, and psychic powers. #capsulegang

We've got this as a five colour screenprint on a super soft black sweat with a screenprinted crest. There's a tshirt version too. We'll also have this on white and black as a frontprint tee. And a matching pin. Get them all!

For more of Jack's work you should visit here ; http://www.jackteagle.co.uk/ 


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