Angels for the Modern Mystic : 44 Cards with Healing Powers by Theresa Cheung

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Channel the energy of 44 reimagined modern-day Angels into your life to help you achieve your goals and become your best self.

ANGEL CARDS AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THEM BEFORE: a diverse deck, reimagined for a modern audience.
STURDY GIFT BOX: perfect for gifting.

Angels represent the pure energies and potential for goodness, beauty, and truth within us all. Bestselling author Theresa Cheung reimagines angels for a modern audience, enabling us to access their wisdom afresh. Summon the energy of the Angel of Tears when dealing with sadness, the Angel of Communication when seeking connection, or the Angel of Creativity to inspire a new project. Simply pick a card for daily guidance, create card spreads to share with others, or send an angel to watch over a friend. Let the light in, allow your energies to flow, and the angels will help you access what truly matters.

Natalie Foss is a Norwegian illustrator who draws with coloured pencils, focusing on bold colours, patterns, and emotions.