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Portrait of a Drunk by Olivier Schrauwen, Ruppert and Mulot

A black comedy masterpiece by a graphic novel supergroup.

Guy is no master mariner, with a clipped red (or black) beard. He’s just an   ordinary member of the crew — able enough, but also a lazy, cowardly liar,  a drunkard, and a thief. He urinates on bar counters and vomits in ladies’ restrooms. All of which makes him more like the real gallows fodder that haunted the seven seas in the 18th century than the swashbuckling Hollywood heroes that grace most contemporary pirate narratives.

Portrait of a Drunk  is a story told in two allegorical parts: "The Blowout" and "The Hangover." Guy the pirate brings together the key narrative and pictorial elements of the great tales of the sea — bright colors, grand battles, and plenty of gallows humor in this   tour de force  of black comedy.