Dementia 21 Vol. 2 by Kago

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Plucky young Yukie Sakai is a home health aide eager to assist her elderly clients. In the first volume of Dementia 21, she got plenty of experience dealing with oddball patients and outre encounters. But now, in volume two, Kago truly lets loose, throwing Yukie into ever more surreal adventures that put her wits to the test!

Yukie boldly decidesto join the resistance - against a squadron of manical diapers hell-bent on taking over the world! A shorthanded hospital hires zombies to care for its patients, but what exactly do they eat?

When an old man creates a machine that causes out-of-body experiences, what could possibly go wrong? And why are children getting rocket launchers in their stockings? Three words: Santa has dementia!

Kago is one of the most inventive and twisted visual artists in manga today. Dementia 21 volume 2 presents him in peak form, with a series of outlandish, eerie, darkly comedic tales that strain the bounds of the imagination.