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CLUBHOUSE #12 (Colorama)

Clubhouse is a collaboration project hosted by Colorama und Aisha Franz. Each month a small group of artists creates a limited edition of folded zines.

#12 with:  
Bea Kittelmann: https://www.instagram.com/kittelfrau/  
Larissa Hoff: https://larissahoff.de/  
Lina Ehrentraut: http://linaehrentraut.de/  
Evelyn Wangui: https://www.evelynwangui.com/
Sophie Artz: https://sophieartz.de/

Published and printed by Colorama, 5 folded zines in A5, risoprinted in fluo orange, black, hunter green, green, crimson, yellow, fluo pink, edition of 150.