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Language of Flowers Calendar Riso Print by Stay Home Club

Inspired by the tradition of calendar tea towels, we made this 2020 calendar using genuine excerpts from the original 1846 publication lovingly selected for their "Stay Home Clubbiness" (examples include yellow chrysanthemums for 'slighted love' and barberry for 'sourness of temper').

We had the illustration made as a rad risograph print featuring each month's dates (except OOPS, we left the last day off October. Please forgive us. Write it in by hand if you want!!) and 12 plants with their meanings. We recommend hanging with poster hangers or on the fridge (our magnets can help with that)!

  • Artwork by Olivia Mew
  • 11" x 17" risograph print
  • Printed on white 67lb cover weight paper
  • Pls note: the charm of riso prints is in their imperfections. Slight registration shifts and opacity changes can happen as the paper moves through the machine, making each print potentially unique. See photos for examples. These are not considered flaws.