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Deep Breaths by Chris Gooch

A space bounty hunter tracks down a frog princess, a woman finds a condom where it shouldn't be, and a spoiled art student works his first freelance job. Deep Breaths is a collection of short comics about tension, violence, monsters, and moments... including the awardwinning story "Mooreland Mates" and nine other tales, rarely or never before seen. Builds on the fantastic critical reception of Gooch's first book Bottled

Another step forward for the growing appreciation of literary short comics as a format Like Carolyn Nowak, Chris Gooch (b. 1993) is a real "voice of a generation" that resonates with 20something readers but also appeals to older readers with a wisdom beyond his years

Praise for Chris Gooch, winner of the Silver Ledger Award for excellence in Australian comics: "Gooch lingers over camera lenses, the arc of a knife through space, the pause before someone makes a fateful decision, and other liminal moments in a life hurtling towards destruction... Devastating." Publishers Weekly (starred review)