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Draw Stronger by Kriota Willburg

Draw Stronger  is a comprehensive self-care guide for artists interested in preventing repetitive stress injuries and sustaining a pain free life long drawing practice. Understand how injuries happen and what types of injuries commonly affect drawing professionals. Use practical first aide to help manage pain in the event of injury. Learn what types of symptoms should be diagnosed by doctor. Practice simple exercises to help correct posture and reduce fatigue and pain. Clearly illustrated, informative, and packed with wholesome corrective goodness, this graphic novel can get you started practicing simple routines that will help take care of your most important drawing instrument - your body!

Cartoonist   Kriota Willberg  draws from decades of experience as a massage therapist and educator in health sciences and the arts, creating a comprehensive guide to injury prevention for cartoonists. Her comics appear in:   SubCultures,   Awesome Possum 3,   4PANEL,   Strumpet 5,   Comics for Choice,   Graphic Canon; and the journals   Intima  and   Broken Pencil. She is the first-ever artist-in-residence at the New York Academy of Medicine Library.

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