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General Dog Print by Maiden Voyage

General Cornelius Fuzzington (DOG) - Poster 12" x 18"

This design honors General Cornelius Fuzzington who led his troops into battle at Davenport*. Even after suffering the loss of an eye in battle, he pressed on and earned himself the coveted Crossbones Medal of Valor.

The ribbon below his portrait reads "Loyalty in Life, Honor in Death".

*Davenport is an old nickname for a sofa.

• 12" x 18" physical size / 11" x 17" artwork • it's easy to find a frame and mat for this size! :D 
• 80 lb paper - FSC Certified
• one-color, metallic gold ink over navy blue paper
• Printed via traditional offset press method (due to this printing method, each poster is slightly different. Very minor variations/imperfections may be present, but we feel this makes each one special and unique!)