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Humans are Idiots Pin by Life Club

Misanthropy at its best. The   first  ever Life Club pin and the sole and only reason why Life Club exists today.

Here’s the story: I saw a toy bear for sale on Facebook, it was a tiny lil bear that had been rescued from landfill, cleaned, and then had the cutest banner stitched to its paws. The banner read: HUMANS ARE IDIOTS. I instantly fell in love and bought the bear for a £10 donation. The money I sent was part of a fundraising effort for a local animal sanctuary which made me love the bear even more! After a few weeks of staring at it I finally decided to make a pin that said ‘Humans are Idiots’, with the aim of continuing the fundraising for the animal sanctuary. I had no idea the pin would be SO popular, and the rest is history! I’ve continued to donate to the same animal sanctuary ever since, and still do to this day.

  • Silver or gold finish
  • 0.8” wide (2cm)
  • Hard enamel
  • Secure black rubber back