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King Menkaura (Mycerinus) and Queen • Enamel Pin by Pin Museum

1.875" x 0.87"

3D Relief Pin

Single Posted Rubber Clasp

Inspired by "King Menkaura (Mycerinus) and Queen" by Unknown The ancient Egyptian statue King Menkaura and Queen (2490-2472 BCE) depicts an idealized man and woman standing side by side.

Their distinctive forward-facing pose with one foot in front of the other helps balance the weight of the sculpture and maintain its stability. The man’s nemes headcloth, long artificial beard, and wraparound kilt identify him as a king. Based on the sculpture’s discovery in 1910 in the Menkaura Valley Temple, it is believed to represent King Menkaura with one of his queens, though her exact identity cannot be confirmed. As the woman’s embrace highlights their personal relationship, it was likely intended as a private sculpture, rather than for public display.