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Listening to Bethlehem By Cymru Roberts

120 Pages plus jacket & obi
21 x 27cm
Published 2019
Includes Riso print (above, right)

Listening to Bethlehemis a new novella by Cymru Roberts with artwork and book design by Hugh Frost.

“The [book] is not evil.... but it is dark.” So says bassist Jürgen Bartsch of his dark metal band Bethlehem. So it is, that we listen, on overcast days when no music is playing, and what do we hear coming from behind the clouds but the hallmarks of a Third Destiny (?!) NOW INSIDE! A book with three protagonists: Bryan is good (but flawed, some might even say self-destructive), CK is totally pure evil/sooo happy, and Travie... well Travis is hard to explain. I met Traviana on a train, and what happened really kinda, like, freaked me out :(. Let’s see how their stories intersect; or, maybe they have nothing to do with each other besides an ominous sense of dark serendipity. *POZOR* Read at your own wrist. Literature doesn’t exist anymore—and when boundaries are vaporized, anything is possible.™️