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Maria M. (Love and Rockets) by Gilbert Hernandez

A crime-noir masterpiece from living legend and Love and Rockets co-creator Gilbert Hernandez!

This brutal, original crime thriller from the co-creator of   Love and Rockets  (Fantagraphics) tells the story of femme fatale Maria M., whose life south of the border is a sordid tale of sex, drugs, violence, and power. When she comes to America for a better life, she marries a drug kingpin, whose son learns Maria's darkest secret, leading to the most violent gangland bloodbath in organised crime history.

MARIA M.  collects 2013's   MARIA M.  Book One (now out of print), and the never-before-published Book Two, presenting the complete graphic novel for the first time. Long-time readers of Hernandez's books will recognize a meta-twist worthy of   MARIA M.'s  pulpy pages:   MARIA M.  doubles as a 'biopic' of the mother of Hernandez's most beloved character: Luba from   Love and Rockets.