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MECHA-ONI T-shirt by Yeaaah! Studio


This t-shirt is part of our ‘Guest Series - Volume 1’ capsule collection and was designed by Toma Pegaz.

About Toma Pegaz :
French tattoo artist based in Paris, his style is basically a mix of all the things he grew up loving : retrofuturism, sci-fi, mythology, and Japanese anime.
Toma is a close friend of mine so I’m more than happy to have him in for this first guest collection.

About the design :
The front piece is an Omamuri, an amulet that you commonly find in Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan. This particular Omamuri reads the kanji 厄除 (yakuyoke) and is used to ward off evil and protect against misfortune.
It is in opposition with the back piece that shows an Oni (Japanese demon), more specifically a Mecha-Oni (メカ鬼だ! It’s Mecha-Oni! ). “Mecha” means machine and is often used to refer to giant robots in anime.


• Black t-shirt
• Men/Unisex fit (girls should take one size down)
•  100% organic cotton
• 180 gsm
• Screen-printed in France with soft inks