Paradise Patch by Life Club

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 The path to paradise begins in hell.

In October 2020 we adopted Oscar, our cheeky little English Bull Terrier x Staffy puppy (now a naughty teenager). To say he's been hard work is a gigantic understatement. He's a messed up ball of super high energy and anxiousness, with a tendency to use those gnashers of his. Some days he's had us in tears, questioning why the hell we took on such a handful of a dog. Other days he makes us feel so, so proud of him. He's getting there day by day, very slowly becoming a "normal" dog with lots of training and desensitising him to the ways of the world. One day we'll look back on our first year or so with Oscar and think "wow, we did it". Until then we'll buckle up and enjoy the path out of "hell" as much as we can! Inspired by our struggle and Oscar's very cute face, this embroidered patch is a little reminder that when things are difficult, better times are ahead.

  • 3” wide (8cm)
  • Iron on
  • Embroidered details 
  • Overlocked edge