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SHC logo Print and Hangers Gift Set by Stay Home Club

A nifty ready-to-go wall art solution: one of our 8.5" x 11" prints packaged with a perfectly suited set of our 8.5" magnetic wooden hangers. These sets come in a simple box with clear vinyl lid so the print and hangers are displayed to customers. Comes with a little logo sticker gift inside and a label describing the set on the outside of the box.

Digitally printed in archival pigment inks on 30% recycled 110 lb smooth white coverstock.  Please note: even images that we usually sell as risograph prints are DIGITALLY PRINTED for this set.   Some images have been edited for this medium and the photos here accurately represent any changes (refer to these rather than photos on our retail website!) Packaged with wooden hangers: 4 pieces of wood (2 for the bottom, 2 for the top) with embedded magnets for a cute, damage-free way to hang prints. The top hangers have a length of twine attached for hanging on the wall.