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Dark & Golden Books are excited to collect the 1988 comic serial Shuk and Doode for the very first time. Unseen since it’s initial publication in the pages of Computer and Video Games magazine, Shuk and Doode is the wild and excessive misadventures of two demons who have escaped from hell, urban satanism, cat burglary and other moments from the night life of a big city. They grin! They leer! They stole my popcorn!

Simon Harrison is the acclaimed artist of Revere, Bradley, and Strontium Dog in 2000AD, as well as Shadowfast in Warhammer Monthly and his own strip, Dogon, serialised on Instagram. Shuk and Doode represents his first continuing comic and was published immediately prior to his taking over Strontium Dog. All the tumultuous energy of line and explosive figure work can be found here in this important step in the development of a singular comic talent.