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the Life of Namazuko from Hollow Press

the Life of Namazuko by Daisuke Ichiba

Published by Hollow Press - September 2020 first printing
limited to:
400 copies (english edition)
200 copies (italian edition)
100 copies (japanese edition)

digital print
printed in an A5 format on 140g paper
136 pages + cover with dust-jacket
dust-jacket printed in BLACK UV ink
stitched paperback binding

Artwork:   Daisuke Ichiba
Editor: Michele Nitri
Graphic design: Marco Cirillo Pedri
English translation: Iain Andrew Halliday
Italian translation: Paolo La Marca

originally self-published by the author in 2006

My name is Jesuido Namazuko. I sing every night at The Pool Of Blood, a pub frequented by disgusting demons after work. One day I was about to fall victim to their weapons when, just as I thought my time, the time of my death, had come, I suddenly started singing a song that I liked.
I touched the strings of their hearts and, for this reason, they spared my life.
Thus I became the singer of the riverbed.