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John's Worth by Jon Chandler

John's Worth by Jon Chandler

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144 x 191mm -- 260 pages -- offset printed -- softcover -- ISBN 978-1-9110811-6-6

“I have no idea how to describe Jonathan Chandler and neither does he ... he’s an artist trying to get something out, something that won’t let go of him until he does.” - Hayley Campbell, The Comics Journal

From the mind of Jonathan Chandler, Britain’s master of psychological horror, comes John’s Worth, the complete collection of his psycho-sexual, bio-horror noir.

The titular John returns to civilian life after a long tour in uniform fighting techno-terrorists in a foreign land no one back home has heard of, much less cares about. He finds his homeland twisted beyond recognition: a destitute country, filthy with crime, gambling, prostitution and loan sharks. Into this pitiable and corrupt land, a new narcotic has arrived; a bizarre drug that takes the form of a hideous living organism.

Set in a hallucinatory desert-like landscape, this unsettling tale of mutation and deceit is a page-turning, cinematic experience, injected into your brain via Chandler’s jagged lines and punchy dialogue.

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