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Love That Journey For Me by Emily Garside

Love That Journey For Me by Emily Garside

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Love That Journey For Me dives deep into the cultural sensation of Canadian comedy drama Schitt’s Creek. Considering the fusion of existing sitcom traditions, references and tropes, the book analyses the nuance of the show and its surrounding cultural and societal impact as a queer revolution. By discussing how the show reshapes LGBTQ+ narratives from the crafting of the town itself, and celebratory influences including Cabaret, to how writer creator Dan Levy utilised and subverted expectations throughout his work, Emily Garside showcases how one TV show became a watershed moment in queer representation and gay relationships on screen.

Part analysis of Schitt’s Creek’s importance, part homage to a cultural landmark, this is a show that – in the words of David Rose himself – needs to be celebrated. This book is that celebration. 

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